When we first started dating, one of the fondest and dearest memories I have was grocery shopping with Victoria and picking out produce at the market in Lubbock. As we approached the peaches, I inquired, "How is one suppose to choose these anyways?", she replied matter-of-factly, "By smelling them!".

This of course led me to wonder if the same approach can be taken with a woman. But I digress!

Fast forward to September of last year, and we begin to shop around for an engagement ring. Since we are shopping around, and she believes we are just going to get her one, she figures we are already engaged. I have top-secret agenda plans in the works, but in the meantime I'm catching flak from her friends for taking the romance out of a proposal, and "Tricking" my way into skirting the issue.

Well, we shop and shop around and all the while I'm taking notes on her likes and dislikes. After much deliberation, I secretly order one from a distributor on the east coast. By scheduling the delivery to my partner in crime, and a planned weekend in Albuquerque involving the State Fair everything was falling into place nicely.

Then things took a turn!

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After many phone calls and sifting through more of their inventory I found one that was even more perfect than the first one. Everything was back on track for the Albuquerque trip.

Once we arrived in Albuquerque, I made up a farce on having an appointment with a client I was doing some work for and vanished to gather both the ring and my other resources. Later on, when Victoria picked me up at my buddy's house, I handed her the book titled, "How to Pick a Peach" with a note on "How to Pick a Woman" written by me in the front cover. During the thirty minute drive to my sister's house, she read parts of the book, all the while remaining unaware of my written note. I kept glancing over anxiously, hoping she wouldn't crest the front cover during the drive.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we arrived at my sister's house. I jump out of the car, run around to her side of the car. Meet her there, and have her open the front cover. After giving her time to peruse the note, and to soak it in, I see a beaming smile creep onto her face and look into her eyes.

Everything clicks into place, and she knows.